TKM in the News

"Protesters target pornography in North Wales" by David O'Reilly

"Porn Protest OK'd" by Stephanie Farr

From Catholic Start Herald
"When a boys’ night out includes the rosary

From the CT Catholic Transcript
King’s Men push moral leadership, venture to prevent ‘a great fall’

From the Magazine of the PA Family Institute
"Loyal Servants of The King: Courageous Men Stand Up Against Porn"

"TKM takes to the streets of Philadelphia in support of the White Ribbon Against Pornography" -
by Jim Gauger, Philadelphia's Catholic Standard & Times

"TKM Focuses on Fighting Pornography" - by Nadia Maria Smith, Philadelphia's Catholic Standard & Time

"(The King's Men) To Appear On EWTN" - by Erin Maguire

"Protesters rally to close adult book store and denounce pornography" - by Laura Jamison

Dynamic website showcases The King's Men with the following article:
"Finally: An Attractive, Powerful Program for Catholic Men"

'No More Porn Tour' Protests Coyotes - by David P. Anderson; The Free Press

Christian Activist Groups Join Suit Against Topless Bar by William Mulgrew , The Bulletin
(Philadelphia's Family Newspaper)

No More Porn Tour Inspires Greensburg, PA Man to Write Battle Hymn for The King's Men
When Co-Founder Damian Wargo brought the NMPT to Latrobe, PA on February 16th, he did not know that TKM's community witness would impress musician Mark Eidemiller so much that he would take to pen and write a battle hymn. Mark unveiled his song and performed it for Co-Founder Mark Houck at a men's conference in Irwin, PA on May 31st. Check out! Men's Battle Cry for Christ.

"Coyotes' attorney howls over license" - By Patrick Lester

Read About Our Visit to St. Vincent's College
The Catholic Accent Article;
Latrobe Bulletin Article #1;
Latrobe Bulletin Article #2

TKM sponsors expert Patrick Trueman speaking on dangers of pornography

The King's Men Protest costs local Adult Video Store THOUSANDS of dollars

"Why Pornography is Worth Fighting" by Mark Houck in response to "Picky Picketing"
by the Editorial Board of The Intelligencer.  Click here and here.

The National Catholic Register Feature The King's Men
"Chivalry Unshackled: The King’s Men stand up for all that is noble, good and true in masculine Christian discipleship."

Defend Life Newsletter Feature The King's Men
"The King's Men Launch Battle Royale. "

Catholic Standard and Times Article "Building a Band of Brothers" describe The King's Men Apostolate. AUGUST 24th, 2006

The REAL Men of 2004: Catholic Standard and Times Article "Where are all the Real Men?" describing The Real Men group. This article describes the early days of The King's Men, formerly called the REAL MEN.